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Wanna play SRIM Fest 2020?


Our stage managers are in the midst of booking bands to their stages. If you/your band are interested in getting on the lineup, please contact us!

We need the following information:

  1. Band Name
  2. Music Genre
  3. Booking Agent/Contact (name, phone, email)
  4. Website, media links of either live performances or studio recordings

SRIM Fest has 4 stages:

  1. Music Center Inc. Main Stage – Ask for Matt Meyer
  2. Bristol Room Stage – Ask for Aimee Crucianelli
  3. Beer Garden Stage – Ask for Aaron Shriver
  4. Grand Hall Stage – Ask for Cole Ford

At this time, you can message @srimfest on Facebook/Messenger to speak to SRIM Fest staff (operations team, stage managers, Aria the vendor coordinator, and marketing/customer service).